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An Advocate You Can Rely On

Our office serves individuals and entities in the greater Kansas City area in litigation related issues, helping those individuals in both Kansas and Missouri.  We are dedicated to providing you with top quality advocacy in times when you need it the most. Mr. Ray brings years of experience to the table in helping you navigate the legal process from beginning to end.  

As an attorney who specializes in litigation, many of our clients come to us at times when times are the toughest for them.  Mr. Ray hopes that you never need him, or any attorney in these situations, but when faced with legal challenges, we are here to help ensure that you are listened to and respected as we work diligently to help solve your problems.  

We believe in a collaborative approach to litigation.  First, we will listen to you and work with you to resolve any conflict or legal hurdle you may face.  Second, we will work with other individuals and attorneys to help reach your desired goals.  Finally, we will help you navigate the legal system in court, before administrative bodies, and other tribunals to ensure that your interests are properly represented.  Our primary goal is to ensure




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Areas of Practice


In times of financial and social uncertainty, many individuals and companies find themselves unsure how to navigate the workplace.  We work with individuals as well as employers to ensure that employees are not mistreated and their employers do not run afoul of the law. 

Professional license 

Many jobs require that you obtain a license from the state or federal government to pursue your profession and passion.  Sometimes those licenses can come into jeopardy.  We represent individuals who are facing license discipline and even revocation before various state agencies. 


We pray that you never find yourself in a situation where you have been accused of a crime, but bad things often happen to good people.  We are here to represent your interests before the court so that you and your family can face these trying times with proper representation. 

Landlord and Tenants

We represent landlords who desire counsel and problem resolution when their financial and personal interests are jeopardized.  

Traffic and DUI

Many times an unfortunate mistake can place our drivers liscense in jeopardy.  Using his expierence workign for the government, Mr. Ray now wants to help you navigate the pitfalls and legal problems with mistakes made while operating a vehicle. 

Civil litigation

We represent those individuals and companies facing contract disputes, civil rights complaints, collection efforts, license revocations, personal injury, or other similar litigious issues. 


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